My Story

I was born on a dark and stormy night in the 80s. Looking back on it, every night, all over the world, was probably dark and stormy during the 80s. But there’s no way to know. Since birth, I’ve been known by many things, but Beez has been a constant. My name is Brittany, and you can call me that too, but if I ever finish one of my many novels I’ve written the first lines for, it will have Beez on the cover.

There’s a song that goes with the name that my mom used to sing everywhere we went. That’s all I’m safe to say.

I’ve written my entire life. I was editing my siblings’ high school research papers when I was in elementary school. I’ve been writing professionally since 2007 and I won’t stop. I mean, the possibility exists that producing amazing copy will one day be made illegal, and then… well, I will still probably be writing copy for my fellow inmates. That’s how I roll.

I grew up in a college town in Utah, graduated from Utah State with a degree in Professional & Technical Communication, and have worked  producing copy for all sorts of different industries ever since.

I am married and have two daughters with kickass names, and we eat Thai food on Saturdays. Come join us. In addition to writing, I love art in all forms, but dance and modern art are my favorite. Show me a good art installation any day and I’ll devour it. Not literally. Unless it’s carbs. Then…maybe.

Anyway, this is me for right now. I don’t love photos of myself. But this will have to do until the paparazzi figure out how bomb I am.

This is me. I'm a natural purple, honest.
This is me. I’m a natural purple, honest.

What Now, Brown Cow?

If you’re interested in working with me, I’d love for you to reach out to me and see what we can get done.

Email Me. You’ll like it.